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Slurry cooling

Klimadan has years of accumulated experience within heat recovery from slurry cooling.

In fact, our experience goes right back to the time we were called KH Nordtherm, and developed completely new technology. That was in the 80s, when the trauma of the Energy Crisis still plagued the market, putting more focus on sustainable energy sources. KH Nordtherm achieved considerable success under the slogan of “Let your livestock heat your home”, when slurry cooling was the key technology. The idea was to use the heat recovered from the cooling pipes passing through the slurry for heating. A system of this kind produces so much cheap heat that it pays for itself in just 2-5 years.

In addition to saving money, heat recovery from slurry offers environmental benefits, as the system reduces ammonia gas and therefore improves the indoor climate in the pig barn. If you intend to expand the herd, a slurry cooling plant is also something that helps get applications through.


Slurry cooling
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