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Thermia Solid Eco
Optimal performance and low investment costs

Thermia Solid is a high capacity heat pump, designed for when optimum performance and access to key functions are needed. The perfect solution for large buildings where special applications are not needed.

Keep overheads to a minimum

The high-capacity Thermia Solid heat pump is available with output of 20, 26, 35 and 42 kW. Perfect for keeping overheads to a minimum without sacrificing output or function. You get a complete solution, able to cover all basic needs. A solution that is perfect for large buildings, such as schools, churches, manor houses, businesses and sports halls, where advanced add-on functions are not needed.

Control that ensures maximum power

Thermia Solid can control two separate heating systems in the same building simultaneously. Its intelligent control functions make it easy to monitor and control other parts of the system, such as a supplementary heating system, hot water, cooling and shunt groups. That means that the system is kept highly tuned at all times, ready to meet demand, giving optimum performance and energy savings.

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