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Environment Kit from Klimadan

Compliance with environment requirements with the lowest costs possible

Our slurry cooling energy solution cools the slurry, reduces strong smells and ammonia gas, and heats the pig barn. But to comply with the Environment Authority’s mandatory requirements, the energy consumption needed can fluctuate from day to day. So let Klimadan’s Environment Kit control your slurry cooling plant.

This intelligent control system manages energy consumption around the clock for your slurry cooling system, and ensures that you comply with the rules with the lowest energy consumption possible. The kit logs all its data, allowing you to quickly and easily produce a record for the authorities proving that you comply with all legal requirements for reduction of strong smells and ammonia gas.

It was Klimadan who developed the slurry cooling technology, and our Environment Kit takes the technology an important step further. The heart of the kit is an advanced control system that ensures environmental parameters are maintained around the clock, whilst cooling slurry in the most appropriate manner at any given time, either by direct heating of the barn, via the outdoor temperature or highly-efficient disposal of surplus heat from the heat pump.

Nowadays, high heating bills are no longer the only reason for cooling slurry using heat pump technology.

The Environment Kit can be installed on all new or existing Klimadan plants.

There are endless ways of combining the advanced technology of the kit with other solutions.
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