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Our history

Specialists in Heat Pumps and Waste Energy Solutions since 1980

The Oil Crisis stimulated the development of heat pumps and geothermal systems, and KH Nordtherm was founded in response in 1980. Heat pumps were something new as a source of heating in Denmark, and made it possible to utilise surplus heat from livestock barns on farms. The technology caught on under the slogan of “Let your livestock heat your home,” a catchphrase that really fuelled growth for the business. KH Nordtherm won considerable success through the 80s and 90s for its technology and development of heat pump systems, which were primarily used on farms. The sale of heat pumps to private homes and other business sectors came later.

Klimadan and KH Nordtherm

Between 2007 and 2010, KH Nordtherm was part of the Danfoss group, under the names of Klimadan and KH Nordtherm, trading under the name of Klimadan only as from 2013. Klimadan is now privately-owned.

Sales to the private and commercial sectors, particularly within agriculture, have been continuous since 2005.

Klimadan is active throughout Denmark, and on a range of export markets, mainly in Europe and in Asia.


Danish technology together with Asian specialist in energy-saving solutions

In Asia, Klimadan is represented through the company GreenMaq. GreenMaq is a joint venture company, creating synergies between the Danish Klimadan and Aumada Energy & Technologies from Malaysia.

GreenMaq designs, produces and installs customized, high quality “Waste Energy Recovery solutions” utilizing heat pump technology. For pig farms we install the solution,“Slurry Cooling” which recovers energy from slurry (manure) by cooling it down. GreenMaq has almost 40 years of experience with designing and implementing Slurry Cooling projects in Denmark and abroard. This gives efficient and sustainable, low cost and almost maintenance free, heating and cooling systems.

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Klimadan is ISO 9001 certified and provides BAT approved ammonia- or/and smell emission reducing technology